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Creative Juices © 2016 (novella excerpt)

Creative Juices © 2016 (novella excerpt)

“She knew that she needed to let her imagination go, if she wanted to become a better writer.

Emma took another sip of her tea, still warm and sweet.

Then, she began to describe Tobias on paper.

“There are so many things about him that distract me. The way his green eyes contrast perfectly with his dark facial features, and scruffy beard. His deep Georgia accent, and southern charm that would make any mother proud. The way his lightly tanned skin melts like caramel in my mouth, as I think of all the ways I could taste it between my lips. The way a thin trail of hair flows evenly down his chest, and then disappears just below his waistline, into parts that only my dreams can describe.”

“Whoa!”, Emma said out loud, as she pulled her traveling hand back from her legs, and placed it back on her desk firmly.

That’s not like me, she thought.

Then, she imagined if Tobias’ hand were massaging her there, and not her own.

She began to write again. But this time, as she described Tobias’ touch, her pen seemed to find her paper with ease.

Within just a pen strokes, Emma felt something unearthly takeover her mind, move through her body, and begin channeling itself into her pen.

Her thoughts of Tobias’ touch felt drenched in a sweet vocabulary, and her words about him seemed to flow onto her paper in a delicious way.

She had an unrelenting sweet tooth for words, especially those which contained evidence of Tobias’ memory and his sweet name.

Once Emma started writing about Tobias, she didn’t want to stop.”

Lyrical Gypsy, © 2016

All Rights Reserved.

D. M. Stephenson