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Guest Reader Reviews: Creative Juices © 2016

Guest Reader Reviews: Creative Juices © 2016

Creative Juices is currently on hold for publication.  But I wanted to share some of my guest reader reviews.  I’m sharing everything verbatim.

Over the next two months, I plan to take my readers’ constructive criticism and revamp Creative Juices to make it longer and develop some of the secondary characters more.  Then, I’ll ask my previous readers to read the story again.  Something tells me they won’t mind.

What have my readers said about my writing?

I post a lot of my poetry and music lyrics to social media, and I usually get several “Likes”.  But, I hardly ever get any feedback.

However, as soon as I posted that my book, Creative Juices, was finished, I had at least a dozen people wanting to read my book.  I’m talking about people who don’t normally read romance novels – ever.

I’d like to share some of the feedback I’ve received thus far.

One person, who told me she normally only reads urban fiction, gave me this feedback:

“I’m reading it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything good.  Pat yourself on the back! This book is going to do really well.  Can I share the link with my friend?”


I should also point out; besides social media, I haven’t seen or spoken to this woman in over 20 years.  But, as soon as I posted about the book, she magically came out of the woodwork and wanted a password to my website.


Another person who read the book said this:

“Woman! My only complaint…it wasn’t long enough.”

“I’m one of those that can’t read a book if I can’t get into it within the first two chapters.  I read three chapters in one night and had to force myself to put my phone down!”


I’ve known this woman for about three months, and only through online chatting.  But, I took her feedback seriously and added five extra chapters to the story, and changed up the ending a little bit too.

Then, I told her that I have a second, and possible third title working.  Her response was this:

“You need to write faster.  The suspense is going to kill me! LMAO”



And, here’s what my dearest, oldest friend said about the book:

“Just finished it and commented all the way thru….wow!  I’m so amazed by this friend. Really well done. Absolutely loved it.”

“it really was soooo captivating and got my heart racing just like a romance novels should!!!”

“And, the spiritual stuff was soooo interesting not wacky crazy!!!  Easy to read not like whaaaaattt?  Definitely plausible.”

“I really think you could make a series out of this.”


But, perhaps my favorite comment from this reader was this:

“Just you wait girl…when the public gets ahold of this…they are going to be dyingggg to know what’s next for Emma.  I think we can all relate to her a bit.”


That last line is exactly why I left my corporate job to pursue passion for writing full time.  And, it’s why I’m finally sharing my creative writing with the public.

In this story, I want to connect with the reader on an intimate level.  Not just tell them an intimate story.   I wrote this story for all the lovers lost, to see that everything in life truly happens for a reason.  I wrote this story for anyone who enjoys thinking outside the box and is willing to entertain a theory even without accepting it.

Even though this book does have a happily-ever-after ending, not all romances do.  That’s just a fact of life.


D. M. Stephenson