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“Like a Drug” © 2007, Music Lyrics

"Like a Drug" © 2007, Music Lyrics

“Like a Drug” © 2007, Music Lyrics

Always in your blood

Can’t give up what you love

It’s like a drug

You lose control


Like a speed freak

He can barely speak

Crashing through every note,

He goes…


Lovin’ every minute

Every note that’s in it

A story and song

From his soul


Takes him by surprise

When he realizes

It’s not him…

Who’s in control


Gripping and ripping

Music tears through his veins

His hands bleed

But he feels no pain


He lets the music take over

‘cause his soul knows…

It feels just like a drug,

The faster he goes…and he goes.

“Like a Drug”  © 2007

Lyrical Gypsy via Writeaholic’s Journal

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