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Who am I?

Oh, I’m nobody trying to be somebody, just like you.  Best described as a crazy philosopher, empathic deep-thinker, and serial procrastinator.

Hi! My name is Diem, and I was born in the Midwest, near Chicago, IL.  But my town is surrounded by cornfields and blooming trees, not skyscrapers, which explain my personality better than I ever could with words.

After spending part of my early childhood in a foster home, my maternal grandparents raised me beginning at the age of eight-years old.  From that moment on, I realized my purpose in life.  I was born to serve others in every capacity possible, nurture the weak and helpless, and inspire more old-fashioned family value in the world. My grandparents gave me the gift of a life renewed, wrapped in timeless wisdom, which I hope to share with others through my writing.

Lastly, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life, because I wasn’t raised with much.  I’ve always had a feisty, get-it-done, wannabe city-girl ambition, but a calmer, more peaceful side of my personality always seems to win. I’ve been known to get distracted by a beautiful sunset, which always seems to bring me back to my old-fashioned roots.  But sometimes, I still live with my head in the clouds.


“My hope is to help change the world; one letter at a time.” ~ Diem


What do I write about?

I’m a creative and business writer.  One fulfills my incessant desire to share my thoughts, the other pays my bills.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked as a freelance ghostwriter.  I’ve written everything from poetry and music lyricist to full-length books, SEO web content, and legal correspondence.  Creative writing is by far my favorite, as indicated by almost 3MB of unpublished, creative works on my laptop.

I started out writing poetry and music lyrics for church, then published my first poetry compilation as a teenager.  First, I started writing poetry and music lyrics to share in church.

In 2014, I left my corporate job.  I became a full time freelance writer and spiritual life coach.  Now, I write for both business and pleasure, fiction and non-fiction.  When I’m not working to pay the bills, creative writing and blogging is my hobby (and addiction).

I’ve only recently begun sharing my personal work in public.  So, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you’re reading this right now.  But be sure to check out my other social blogs  >> Lyrical Gypsy <<.



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Skype: lyrical.gypsy

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Email: diem@dmstephenson.com