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Who am I?

About Author D.M. StephensonHi! My name is Diem.  I live in the Midwest near Chicago, but my hometown is surrounded by cornfields not skyscrapers.  I’ve been known to get distracted by a beautiful sunset, listen to loud music, play in the dirt, dance in the rain, howl at the moon, and go streaking butt-naked in the winter on my birthday.

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What do I write about?

I don’t really like titles.  I’m a writer.  Period.  I write about everything.  Sometimes, I write to share my creative thoughts via stories, poetry, music lyrics and blogging.  Other times, I’m a freelance business writer to help pay my bills.

But my passion is and always will be with creative writing.  I draw most of my creative inspiration from other writers and bloggers.  I love knowledge, and I’m constantly reading or studying something.  Read some of my non-fiction writing here.

I’m also a dreamer.  I write romance, and I like to live vicariously through the characters in my fictional stories.  Read some of my fictional writing here.

What are my writing goals?

I have three main goals as a writer, but in no particular order.

Currently, I have almost 3MB of unpublished writing on my hard drive.  I need to start publishing my work and sharing it.  I’ve considered self-publishing but only as a last resort.  Self-publishing seems like a lot of hard work, with all the advertising and marketing that goes into selling a book.  Frankly, I’d rather spend my time writing.  I plan to go the traditional publishing route, if at all possible.

Another active goal of mine is to continue promoting myself as an author and as a brand. After living in the shadows of ghostwriting for over 15 years, my name doesn’t appear on much, but it will soon.  I currently maintain three blogs and I’m active on social media.  I’ve only recently started sharing my work publically, but people are already starting to show an interest.

Finally, one of my most important goals as a writer is to keep learning the industry.  Along with networking with other successful writers, I’ve tried to learn something new about the industry every day.

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