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Suggested Survey Questions for Guest Readers


Thank you for being one of my beloved guest readers.  Your honest feedback is crucial in making my publishing dreams come true!

Once you receive a password, please follow the link provided to start reading.  Feel free to leave your comments, questions or concerns during any part of the story.  Your comments will be made public so that other guest readers may also reply.  Thanks again!

  • STORYLINE:  Did you understand/enjoy the storyline?  

If you’re confused about the story, please tell me how.  If you have any suggestions about how to make the storyline better, please let me know.

  • CHARACTERS:  Did you fall in love/falling in love with the characters?

If you didn’t fall in love with the characters, I need to know that.  You should care about the characters and what happens to them.  If you don’t, I have some work to do.  

  • TARGET AUDIENCE:  Does the story seem to fit my target audience for each category?

For fiction, my target audience is women and men around the ages of 25 to 50.  I’m not trying to attract young adults.  Some scenes within my erotic romances are a little intense, but should sound mature and relatable.  Do they?

For non-fiction, my target audience is mostly women, mid-thirties and older.  I think some men can relate to my stories, but I think women will keep reading them. 

NOTE:  These are true, autobiographical recounts of my life featuring coming of age wisdom, and some parts of my creative or spiritual journey.  Some of the subjects discussed may be difficult for you to read (domestic abuse, abandonment, death, mental illness, substance abuse etc.)   If you decide that you don’t want to read these stories, I completely understand, just let me know.

  • MARKET REVIEW:  Have you seen other stories or books like this?

Also, if you don’t normally read books from a particular genre (i.e. romance), does the story make you want to start reading them?  Why or why not?

  • KEEP READING:  Would you keep reading this book?

I have to ask myself this question a thousand times, so naturally I have to ask you.  Would you keep reading this book?  Would you tell your friends about the book?  If this book were a series, would you look for the next book in the series?